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Rebecca has a distinguished career with a proven record in exceptional supervisory and analytical capabilities with a focus on change management, strategic thinking, vision setting, inspirational communication, and advocating for the voiceless. Prior to joining WTEF, Rebecca was the Founding Principal of DC Scholars Public Charter School located in Ward 7. Despite significant external factors, under Rebecca’s leadership, DC Scholars received a Tier 1 rating from the Public Charter School Board (2015/2016) and full accreditation (2014/2015).

Whether working in schools or non-profit settings, Rebecca has consistently been driven by her passion for ensuring that kids enjoy basic human rights, including healthy meals, safe spaces, and a high quality education – all in an effort to interrupt the cycle of poverty. Rebecca has over 13 years of education experience as a certified high school Mathematics teacher, Mathematics Instructional Leader, Assistant Principal, Adjunct Professor, and Founding Elementary School Principal.

Rebecca Crouch-Pelham

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